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The vision of our company is to transfer new technology to Slovenia. Our objective is to bring it as close as possible to our customers. We want to meet their expectations and give them support to achieve QUALITY electricity supply.

Quality policy

• We are a reliable business partner. Whatever we promise, we fulfill that.

• We maintain long-term business relations with our contractors and suppliers.

• We take care of the professional and personal development of our employees, for their well-being, safety and reliability of their workplace.

• We are expanding the scope of our business.

• We offer innovative and comprehensive system solutions for the further development of technology in the field of transmission and distribution of electricity.

• We undertake to comply with legal and other requirements.

The company strives to

• offer products and services with simultaneous reduction of operating costs that fully meet customer expectations,
• offer innovative and integrated system solutions within the further development of technology regarding the transmission and distribution of electricity,
• introduce the state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technologies,
• launch a cooperation between Slovenian companies and innovative foreign companies,
• to offer Slovenian products to the European countries and the rest of the world.

Environmental policy

  • Our choice are high-quality cables and other products that are subject to a sales programme. Their environmental impact and the risk to humans and animals during operation are under the legal requirements and standards. They are made of degradable materials.
  • For above ground electric cable lines and remote control we transfer good environmental practices from Scandinavia to our environment.
  • We conserve energy.
  • We produce minimal waste.
  • We prevent waste pollution.

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